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13 November 2011 @ 10:42 pm
Plumbeous Legacy: Generation Green, Part 4, Installment Two  

After the Halloween party Celadon spends his days sitting wondering if he should call Griselda or wait for her to call him. 

Finally he decides it is time to man up and give  her a call. He listens pensively through the rings. 
Griselda: Hello you've reached Griselda. I'm not answering my phone right now. Please leave a message and I'll call you back. 

Celadon: Hey Griselda, it is Celadon from the Halloween party. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out some time this weekend, call me back. 

Citrine spends her time painting flowers. I swear this is all she ever does besides her homework.

This is where I find the kids when I have Bobbie go to the community garden. Yup, weird. 

Celadon wakes up to find there are no messages on his phone. He tries not to be upset about Griselda not calling him back but he can't help it. He gets ready to walk to school. 

On his way to school he sees Charon in the park and stops her. 
Celadon: Hey Charon, why didn't you come to the Halloween party last week? 
Charon: Oh, I meant to come. I just got held up by family things you know.
Celadon: Well, I missed you. 

Charon: I missed you too, Cell.

She gives him a very intimate hug that he wasn't expecting. But he reciprocates. 
Celadon: This is nice, but we have to get to school.

Bobbie starts a new garden in the yard while the kids are at school.

Citrine brings a boy by the name of Dana Pullen home from school. He tries to make feeble attempts at garden talk with Bobbie. She seems to just fall asleep.

Citrine turns out to be kind of a pimp. Look at this. It is sickeningly cute. 

Bobbie: hmmm...I don't know if I'm supposed to let this happen in front of me. 

Turns out it is bring home your love interest day. Charon gives Celadon a nice massage when Dana walks past them. 
Dana: Ew, PDA. This is so disgusting. 

Celadon gets some autonomous kisses on with Charon. 
Dana: PDA should be a crime. 

Later Celadon and Charon have a homework party. Because it's Friday. Fun fun fun?

Charon's face denotes that it isn't too much fun. 

For someone so disgusted by PDA he certainly doesn't mind doing it with Citrine.

The next morning Griselda shows up on the door step of the Plumbeous'. 

Celadon: Hey, why didn't you call all week? 

Griselda: I'm sorry. I heard your message when you called but I was really busy with my other friends. I'm here now though. 

Celadon: I think you should go home. It is really unfair of you to just come over when you feel like it and rude to not call someone back. 

After she leaves he makes a phone call. 

Celadon: I'm glad your here. I wanted to tell you something. I met this girl... 
Charon: Oh? :[

Celadon: I met this girl and getting to know her showed me how much I really liked you. 
You've been my best friend since we were kids. Charon....

...Will you be my girlfriend? 

Oh, nice. 

Presenting all the things Citrine ever does but things that she does cutely. 


And birthday time since I have trouble wrapping up chapters. 

Celadon rolls Ambitious and wants to become a World Renowned Surgeon. 

Bobbie: Hope you like the cake. I used the same mix you used to make those muffins Igor died eating. 
Celadon: *choke* 
Bobbie: Just kidding. 

And someone else ages up too... 

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Sarahuselaforce on November 13th, 2011 08:45 pm (UTC)
Bobbie: hmmm...I don't know if I'm supposed to let this happen in front of me.
lol omg. XD Bobbie is still so funny.
And aww, Celadon and Charon are so cute, even if she does have commitment issues.
On to the heir poll! My goodness this is gonna be tough.