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Megan Ann Harris
04 November 2011 @ 12:47 pm
So I think I may have successfully fixed my problems. After doing every crash fix possible including uninstalling/reinstalling and loading from my back up. I have decided to do a completely fresh reinstall. I'm going to update my mods and put everything in bit by bit. But first to see if it runs and doesn't crash completely fresh. 

Every time I opened the game it would play and then crash at 9:00 am. Even if I started a new town with new sims. At first I did the can't find .dll fix which is to run on low graphics in windowed mode. But it still crashed. The music would skip and it would completely freeze and when I would CTRL+ALT+DEL it would say "Sims 3 has stopped working...yada yada." 

I'm starting it up completely fresh with no CC/Mods and if it doesn't crash then I know that it was something that was in my Sims 3 Folder. I'm going to add my updated NRAAS mods in first. Then add all the CC that I find important. (Which isn't a lot) Run it then. If it doesn't crash I will then add all the saved sims/Plumbeous/Charon/Griselda (Whom I saved - of course) into the game. I will open it and run it then. If it runs fine I will build their town back up a bit and plop them in. Then I will CHEAT (oh no!) just to get Charon and Griselda to be friends with Celadon again as they had left off. Save and restart the game after adding the rest of the CC. 

And hope to Plumbobs that it doesn't crash again. Otherwise I might really cry. 
Wish me luck.

If it doesn't crash...expect an update the beginning of next week. 
Megan Ann Harris
04 November 2011 @ 01:06 pm
Oh, EA Origin 
Why do you suck so much? 
Seriously how long does it take
To download some stuff. 
Your customer representatives say
games will download in chunks. 
Well that is the kind of stupid. 
Just like you, you suck. 

EA Origin, 
Why do you feel you need to compete? 
You already took games away from 
that other game downloading thing called Steam. 
Are you really losing out on that much. 
Especially when you've probably have done, 
way more refunds. 
Your downloads are painstakingly slow, 
just like your software developers. 

EA Origin, 
Why is it when I download a game it just doesn't stay
on my hard drive where it belongs? 
Because I paid 140 dollars for all of those games. 
I deserve to actually own. 
I uninstalled and re-installed multiple times 
and for each and every one had to start over. 
It took three days to download from you 
because the downloads would start over
every time my internet died. 

EA Origin, 
Why did you have to change from EADM? 
Why didn't you give me the option to get the 
hard copy of my games instead? 
I don't mind that you scan my hard drive and take up space. 
But I wish you would just start acting like 
a good program would and not bug up on me. 
And download my games past 100%. 

EA Origin, 
Please teach your customer reps how to speak English. 
"Did it the game installed yet?" Is not correct. 
After successfully downloading 3 games
(That took almost 4 days)
the last download stopped at 99% and froze 
Mohd on live chat wants me to re-install Origin. 
He obviously doesn't know what 'viable solution' means.

EA Origin, 
I take it all back. 
I know it isn't you're fault. 
You were made this way because 
of EA's greed. 
Here's the thing EA go back to making lame ass sports games. 
And give my Sims back to Will Wright. 
So he can fix the mess you've made. 
Megan Ann Harris
04 November 2011 @ 11:41 pm

So basically the Plumbeous Lot did not load into my reinstalled game despite working with it and having all the required CC. 

LUCKILY I had saved each Sim in my saved sims folder individually in case this might have happened, including Igor. (R.I.P) 
So I created them in CAS after putting them in Neverglade (And upgrading it a bit) 
I rebuilt the house to perfection based on photos of the house I had. Changing some things here and there because I felt like making the layout different. Still 4 rooms though. 

I plopped them in with Charon/Griselda/and a bunch of other randomized Sims with strange names I made up. And a few of my previously created Sims. Was going to add more but I was more interested in seeing if I had fixed the crash. 

I played it... Crashed at 9AM 

I took out CC and my NRAAS mods

Played it again...Crashed at 9AM 

I redid my DEP settings/Refreshed 

Crashed again. 

Deleted Caches 

Kept Crashing 

I tried playing window mode on minimum graphics

Kept Crashing

Re Updated my NRAAS mods and put them in though I knew it was pointless. 

Kept Crashing. 

Updated NDIVIA driver - again. 

Kept Crashing. Except this time it played past 9AM crashed around 3 or 4PM when I aged up Igor and he died. Grim did not appear. 
Still got the same exact crash log though. 

(Repeat this process 2 or 10 more times. Include re installing and uninstalling and waiting for 4 origin downloads in 6 of those times. And a completely clean computer sweep twice. And more crying, a lot more.) 

It did this before I even updated to the latest patch (beginning of the week), in fact, that is why I upgraded to the patch...it was to see if it would fix this crashing.
I've never, ever, ever, ever had this problem before. I really don't get it. I'm totally stumped. My fiance is mad at me because I can't pull myself away from the computer. I just can't think about anything but how to fix this. I'm basically an expert at this program and its inner workings and I can't even solve this problem. 

I read on the sims forums that a person who is experiencing a different crash than me was told to download this super patch. So I'm going to try that. But I don't really know what it is going to do because the forum it was on didn't look updated. 

So we'll try that. 
NOPE already had it installed with the regular patch. There is no need for it. 

I'm so freaking frustrated. I just wish someone would be magical and just wave something to fix it for me. 

I told my boyfriend, 
"Seriously, if we install these games on your computer and they work. I will stab myself in the heart with a butter knife." 

I think my dramatic phrasing is well deserved considering the week I've spent fighting this hopeless battle against this freaking computer game.


I played again without any CC, minimum graphic, etc, etc. Froze and died almost immediately. 
Said DEP stopped me from playing. 

I have all the sims exes added to the exception list EXCEPT for Ambitions (TS3EP02.exe). Because it isn't in its file AT ALL. I noticed it wasn't there before and after my many uninstall/reinstall attempts but I didn't think any thing of it. It is completely gone. I suppose I could copy it over from its CD but I don't have a CD, it was a digital download from Origin/EADM. And that might be the reason why I'm crashing...because I have Ambitions...but I don't...anymore.