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Megan Ann Harris
13 November 2011 @ 10:52 pm

Meet the HeirsCollapse )

Poll #1794512 Heir Poll for Gen 2
This poll is closed.

Who should be heir?

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Megan Ann Harris
The heir poll is at a tie currently. I don't plan on closing it until Monday night but go vote. Anyway, let me tell you about a new legacy I am planning. (Not doing yet though - I want to wait to get more sims from other legacy's I read.) I won't post it for awhile until I'm pretty deep into the Plumbeous'. Also I want to make sure I won't have my game mess up again at all. 

Read about my rules and stuff below. Let me know if you think this would be a fun idea and if you think I should add anything.  

LJ Legacy Challenge

Follow normal Legacy Challenge rules. 

Your legacy sim's last name must be related to your username/Realname/LJ monkier or nickname (if you don't want people to know your real name) in some way. Mine would be "Ghost," "Passenger," "Harris," "Megann," etc.

Can go as long as you want and keep adding new sims from friends whenever.

Lots must be at least 30x30

Model your writing over your heir having a journal/diary for extra fun.

Your founder can be male/ or female but model them after your persona. Whether they have a similar personality or even similiar looks...or both.

For spouses:

2 Sims each from LJ Friends may be used.

Must be downloaded from a legacy belonging to your friend.

Must keep first name given to the character by your friend.
Last name can be changed.

Turn aging off for these sims.

Must marry/have kids with astrologically compatible sim.

Must move them in.

Sims I've taken for this challenge so far:
(I'm going to need more before I start though)

sunset_nymph's Collin and Amy
uselaforce's Shiloh and Bowser Correction: Shiloh keeps making my game crash when I try to create her in CAS. WHA...? 
misskhaz's Rafeal and Lara Correction: Alice - the others aren't loading in my game. :(
fantasyrogue's Embla and Ares
slayinggod's Faye and Charlie
bakerlegacy's Claudia and Guy
visionofvim's Chicago and Dylan